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Charisma Carpenter
Oct 2, 2013

Charisma Carpenter

nope,  I prefer nudity. 
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nope,  I prefer nudity. 

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My inspiration
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My inspiration

Jul 14, 2012

Saturday Workout Regime: 7/14/2012

10 Minute Solution “Knockout Body”

          Workouts 1 & 2

Rumble Workout #1

30 Day Shred:  Day Four

          Level 1

Pretty girl (Taken with Instagram)
Jul 2, 2012 / 1 note

Pretty girl (Taken with Instagram)

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Exercise Bucket List

1. Kick box

2. Box

3. Windsurf

4. Strip

5. White water raft

6. Hike

May 25, 2012

Power Girl Fitness: Young Girls Taking Charge

Remember your childhood? You were playing Manhunt, Hopscotch, Capture the Flag and Hide and Go Seek until the porch light came on. You were watching the best cartoons and summer seemed to be too short and too long at the same time. I came across PowerGirl Fitness on Youtube while I was searching for some new workouts. In PowerGirl Fitness, 8 Year Old Jesse Lipke instructs a 20 minute exercise routine. Now some questions do arise: Is she behind PowerGirl Fitness or are her parents (Her mother is a Nutritionist and her father is a Personal Instructor and a Doctor), is this controversial or not? Maybe her parents have some weight behind PowerGirl. Another question is, why couldn’t she wear something more appropriate for a Youtube video? With this question I am torn. I grew up in the Dance World and I know that at that same age my friends and I were wearing the same type of clothing. However, I feel for a Youtube video, Jesse and her workout friends are susceptible to Pedophiles and other sexual predators.

With my personal agenda aside. I do have to say that her workouts are very reminiscent of the dance workouts I used to do before a routine. She might become the next Jillian Michaels! So get your workout on and enjoy! :)

May 21, 2012
May 17, 2012
May 17, 2012